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As hospitality professional, Mr.Sachin Kumar strongly believes in striving to deliver the best to all stakeholders alike and to ensure the same, he understands any given task at its micro level and extracts all possibilities to make it a success. Comprehending details and acquiring whatever it takes for the accomplishment of the task, is of paramount importance. Hence, he assures that every single pieceof information is understood thoroughly; plan of action is made appropriately and executed with precision. Hospitality demands empathy. Multilingual and multicultural abilities made him more empathetic towards people around him, as he got opportunity to work in 18 countries such as USA, Republic of Maldives, Canada, Germany, Russia, West Indies etc. and learned about varied cultures and belief systems.

As a hospitality professional, he always dreamed to give excellent Food & Beverage services to his guests, which inspired him to take initiative to start a company, which focuses on guest needs and their expectations for excellence. As a start-up entrepreneur with a vision in his mind, Mr.Sachin Kumar has taken a pledge to deliver the best to guests. From serving quality food to outstanding level of service to world class hospitality, you name it and he is all geared up to give guests an enduring experience.

Message From Director

I, as a hotel professional, have always believed that guest satisfaction is the most vital part of hospitality irrespective of the geographies and cultures. I worked in India and 18 other countries and realized that key to success in hospitality industry is to provide guests with services par excellence. As a guest as well, I visited many hotels across the globe and found that only a few hotels maintain high standards and provide quality services. At Sachin Kumar Concepts & Hospitality Pvt.Ltd., we emphasis on providing our guests with a blend of quality food and services. Our concept restaurants would focus on creating fusion food delicacies, which will be comprised of multi cuisines such as Indian, Continental, Mexican, Orientale etc. that suit our guests’ palate. We are apt with zeal to deliver something new that has not been experienced before.

We are also committed to introduce Molecular Gastronomy in Dehradun and other regions of Uttarakhand, so that local people from hills and tourists visiting Uttarakhand, can also experience latest trends and changes taking place in food industry.

With our efficient and experienced team, we are also looking to take over budget Hotels/Resorts on lease or management contract, so that these Hotels/Resorts can reach pinnacle of success with our consistent support and services. We are also starting memberships for hotel professionals, students, Food & Beverage organizations, so that a chain can be formed to take this initiative forward for their personal and professional welfare and they get constant support from us in future, in terms of Events, Award Functions, Seminars, Workshops, Recruitment Support, Industry Fairs and Trade Shows. As an active hospitality professional, I am keen on sharing my knowledge in the form of lectures in Hotel Management institutes/colleges for the welfare of students, so that they can be motivated and do their best in the industry. We are committed to build a healthy nation and society, as we are proud citizens of India and it is our responsibility to create a healthy ecosystem.

Our Team

Sachin Kumar


Amarpal Singh Chandok

Principal Advisor

Kuldeep Singh (KD)

Associate Team Member - Beverages

Amit Rawat

Associate Team Member – Engineering

Girish Kandwal

Associate Team Member – Vendor Management

Chef Shaik Khurshid Ali

Associate Team Member - Culinary

Zahid Khan

Associate Team Member -IT

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